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This may be TMI, but I like to play this game with Coltrane called what color is my poop going to be!   Obviously, it’s not really challenging – I ate carrots today and, you guessed it, orange! Kale in my smoothie?  Green! Spinach? Also green!  Everyone told me beets would turn it red and that one time I ate a few beet chips, it did. But the other day I ate actual beets and they didn’t make a grand appearance like the carrots and kale.  It’s a fun game.   

It’s also kind of cool because if you track what time you eat, you can figure out approximately how long it takes your food to go from mouth to stoma, which is a common question on the ostomy forums.  For me it’s about 4-5 hours from my mouth for food to start coming out the other end, but it takes a few hours for the whole meal to come out.   I’m thinking that some foods probably take longer than others though I haven’t documented it enough to really see a trend.

Have any foods come out with coloring that surprised you?

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  1. Oh the benefits of having an ileostomy! Endless entertainment! 🙂

    I had cherries the other night, they were dark in colour (not bright red), but my output turned BLACK from them – the black you’d expect when you’re taking iron supplements.

    Blue gatorade also causes some pretty interesting results – “radioactive green” is what I like to call it =)

    1. Hahaha I haven’t tried blue gatorade. Kale smoothies make me wonder if it’ll ever go back to anything other than green!

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