Always remember you are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem & Smarter than you think.A.A. Milne

Thinking about how an ostomy might impact your every day life might be scary, but people with ostomies can do the same things as people without. You might be wondering about how to navigate life’s basics like sleeping and showering, or maybe what kinds of clothes you can wear and how socializing might be different (it’s not!), or the big one…what you can eat! No need to fear, there’s answers here!¬†If after surfing these pages, you find yourself with questions which remain¬†unanswered, let us know!

  • What to Wear When You Have an Ostomy
  • Eating with an Ostomy
  • Dating & Sex with an Ostomy
  • Being Social with an Ostomy
  • Sharing the News about your Ostomy
  • Exercising with an ostomy
  • Swimming with an ostomy
  • Pregnancy and Child Birth with an Ostomy
  • Sleeping with an ostomy
  • Showering with an ostomy
  • Driving with an ostomy
  • Traveling with an ostomy
  • Taking Medication with an Ostomy