Unfortunately leaks and embarrassing moments are inevitable at some point in your life as an ostomate but they can be made less awful if you’re prepared! Here are suggestions for what to keep in your emergency kit. Obviously you don’t want to carry around a huge backpack all the time so you have to pick and choose what’s most going to be most important to you during an ostomy emergency when you try to fit everything into your bag.

Here are some suggestions for things to include in your emergency kit:

Extra pouch(s) – at least 2 is ideal
Extra baseplate(s) – at least 2 is ideal
Multiple trash bags – in the event of a “there’s no-bathroom and my ostomy pouch is full!” emergency you could empty into one of these
Measuring guide
Preferred adhesive paste/seal
Extra clip
– if you use a pouch with a clip
Skin Barrier wipes
Adhesive Remover Wipes
Hand sanitizer
Duct tape
Small handheld mirror

It also doesn’t hurt to carry a change of clothes in your car and some paper towels or wipes, though they probably won’t fit in the bag you’re carrying with you.