Ordering Ostomy Supplies

You order supplies through distributors, not through the product manufacturers.

How much of a product your order is up to you. Your doctor will likely write a prescription for a total number of ostomy pouches you can order each month or quarterly. If you find that you’re needing to use more than the prescribed amount of pouches, contact your doctor and explain the situation to see if they’ll increase the prescription.

Storing your Ostomy Supplies

Once your supplies arrive in the mail, you’ll have to store them until you use them up. It’s best to store them in temperature controlled space that doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Some of the supplies can be compromised when exposed to extreme heats, particularly for a long period of time.

One suggestion for handy storage is to have a small kit that you keep stocked with enough of each of your supplies to last you 3-5 pouch changes, and then store the rest of your supplies in a closet. Having this little kit already put together is really handy if you have to do a pouch change in the middle of the night.

I have a mini cooler that I keep a few changes of supplies in and bring into the bathroom when it’s time to change my ostomy pouch. I keep the rest of my supplies in a dresser and keep track of how many I have left.

It’s best not to let your stash get too low, in case your distributor is on backorder, the mail gets lost, there’s a storm and mail can’t be delivered, or some other incident prevents your ostomy supplies from being delivered in a timely manner.

Occasionally you receive faulty products. Just like all other manufacturers, sometimes there’s a bad batch. If you do receive a faulty product, call the manufacturer and let them know the lot number. They’ll often send you replacements for the faulty products.

The UOAA has an informational page about ostomy suppliers/distributors that might be handy to read when you’re getting ready to choose a distributor.