Ostomy supply manufacturers can be a great help to you when you’re finding the perfect product for you. ¬†You can visit their website or call them directly to get more information. Many of them are willing to send free samples and often have WOCNs on staff who are happy to answer questions about how to use their products, or offer other suggestions for optimal wear time.

The ostomy supply manufacturers listed below sell a variety of types of supplies ranging from only ostomy appliances, to ostomy appliance accessories (like adhesive remover, paste and skin barriers), to both appliances and appliance accessories.

Ostomy supply manufacturers are also great if you find yourself in a bind and run out of supplies. They’ve been known to overnight supplies to ostomates in need, whether they were on vacation and did not have enough supplies with them or were at home and ran out.

Ostomy Supply Manufacturers

Many people mix and match products from different manufacturers based on what works best with their skin, body type and personal preferences. Once you’ve found the products you like from each manufacturer, you can reach out to an ostomy supply distributor to place your order.

This page was last updated September 2017.