Lingerie for Ostomates in a Brick & Mortar store

Have you heard of Vanilla Blush?  They design lingerie, swimwear and menswear for people with ostomies.  They focus on their products being functional AND fashionable so you can get the support you need for your stoma and feel confident in what you’re wearing.  Vanilla Blush advertises their lingerie with pin-up models, because ostomates deserve to be feel sexy and what’s more sexy than a fashionable retro outfit?  The best part?  They’ve grown so much since their conception in 2006 that they’ve opened a brick an mortar store in Glasgow.  A whole store dedicated to ostomy-inspired lingerie, swimwear and menswear – kind of a commute from the states, but such a milestone for the ostomy community.  If you aren’t anywhere near Glasgow, browse their collection on the Vanilla Blush website.

Here’s the whole article.

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