Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

I recently won a giveaway contest for Kiss Me Organic’s Matcha Green Tea Powder, woohoo! This post reflects my honest opinion of Kiss Me Organics’ Matcha product. Before trying this product, my knowledge of matcha was just from the green tea lattes I frequently order at coffee shops (yum!). Typically when I think of matcha, I associate it with green tea, so I was excited to learn that there are a ton of other ways you can enjoy it. Kiss Me Organics sent me a recipe guide with recipes for different drinks & cocktails, smoothies, breakfast ideas, desserts, breads, pizza, and meat-based meals.

Kiss Me Organics boasts a number of health claims including boosted metabolism, improved skin health, antioxidants, and increased energy and focus. I asked them if they could send me any information backing up these claims and they quickly obliged sending me a copy of the metal analysis they did on their farm in 2010 and their organic certification, as well as some literature on brain health, skin health, and weight loss in correlation with green tea. The idea behind matcha is that instead of brewing the green tea, you are ingesting the whole leaf, which Kiss Me Organics claims “dramatically increases the nutritional content”. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) experiencing these health benefits as I use the product longer.

The taste of matcha can be a little bitter, perhaps it’s an acquired taste. It’s not sweetened like pre-packaged store bought green tea so if you’re expecting something sweet you might be caught off guard. Personally, I prefer my teas unsweetened. Kiss Me Organic’s matcha is full of flavor but not over powering. It added a nice touch to my plain greek yogurt and honey, and was undetectable in a fruit smoothie. I tried it plain as tea as well but decided I prefer it to complement other flavors than to enjoy it on its own.  Matcha Green Tea

The packaging is air-tight and resealable, which is great for storage but opening it without making a mess was a challenge. Thankfully I didn’t spill too much, and after a few days of using the tea, I figured out how to open the package more gracefully.

Kiss Me Organic’s Matcha is an exclusive item with free shipping if you belong to Amazon Prime. As of June 2014, it’s on sale for $25 for a 4oz bag which comes out to 24-48 servings depending how much you use. The recommended serving is ½ to 1 teaspoon. The recipe guide is included in your purchase too. Just go to and search for kiss me organics matcha. Check out is quick and easy. I used Amazon Prime and received it a day before it was supposed to arrive.

Kiss Me Organics Amazon Search ImageReview KMO Pro Con Breakdown
All in all, this matcha gets my vote! It might just tickle your taste buds, whether you drink it plain with hot water or add it to your next batch of cookies. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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