I’ve got a Barbie Butt!

Wow, It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted, and there’s no excuse for that! I had my completion proctectomy at the end of September, the surgery where they took out the remaining bit of my rectum and anus and sewed my bum up shut like a barbie doll. It’s not as pretty as a barbie doll’s butt, but it’s much less of an eye sore at this point than it was right out of surgery. Recovery is never fun so I won’t try to pretend like it has been, but I’m at a point where it’s not so bad now.

My favorite part of surgery recovery is the 6-8 week mark; it’s much more fun than the first two weeks. At this point I’m well enough to get out and be somewhat social and I have the energy to stay awake all day most of the time, but I am still recovering and haven’t had to take on all of life’s responsibilities yet. Since I’ve had a few weeks off from “real life”, I’ve been working on writing a bunch more information to add to this website, thinking about other topics to blog about, and brainstorming endless possibilities for this website and blog. Next up, I’m working on a post about my experience with this surgery and recovery and am excited to fine tune it and share it!

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