India, 100 Miles of Running and a Colostomy – Sarah Russell Rocks

Have you ever heard of the Himalayan 100? It’s a race in North East India where you run 100 miles over five days.  Running 100 miles seems like quite a feat in itself, now add in a rough, hilly terrain at a high altitude in India.  That was one of the races on Sarah’s list of ‘dream races’.   Sarah Russell has an ostomy, but she didn’t let it stop her from achieving her dreams.  She attributes her athletic background to her ability to cope with her surgeries and resulting ostomy. Like many other ostomates, she finds herself to be fortunate and eager to fill her life with experiences.  The Himalayan 100 was one of those experiences she was determined to check off her ‘to-do’ list.  When you read her story and recount of her experience, you find yourself inspired to go tackle whatever challenge you’ve been fending off.

Read about Sarah Russell’s experience running the Himalayan 100 with an ostomy..

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