Fun Ostomy Halloween Costume Ideas

ostomy halloween costume ideas

ostomy halloween costume ideasHalloween is less than a month away and I’m sure some of you want to dress up and feature your ostomy but haven’t decided what you want to be yet. Maybe this post will help. I found some cute ostomy halloween costume ideas for the folks who want to dress up their pouch, and some cute halloween costume ideas that would probably disguise your pouch if that’s more your speed.

Ostomy Halloween Costume Ideas

Shark (bite)

If it wasn’t SO COLD every year at Halloween, I’d serious consider this swimsuit as my Halloween costume. There’s a couple ways you could do this:

    • ostomy costume for halloween - shark bathing suit from buttermakesmehappy on EtsyBuy a sharkini bathing suit
    • ostomy halloween costume sharkMake your own shark costume by purchasing a long grey shirt and cutting the hole out for the mouth (on the side where your stoma lies), then attaching white fabric (or felt?) for the teeth.
    • You could even purchase a shark fin headband, to really seal the deal.

To tie in your ostomy you could decorate your pouch like a fish or a fish skeleton so it’s like the shark is eating a fish. I’m excited just thinking about this.

Black Tie Party

There are so many ways to do this, because you’re really just dressing your pouch up as your date. Here’s what you’d need:

  • Black bottoms: a mini skirt, maxi skirt, pants, or shorts would all work. It would be ideal if the waistline of your bottoms came up below your ostomy.
  • White top: a button up, or crop top
  • Black long tie or bow tie
  • Suspenders (optional) – remember to put them behind your pouch, not over it/on top of it.

To tie in your ostomy you could color your pouch so it looks like it’s wearing a tuxedo, or you could make yourself (or maybe buy) a pouch cover that’s like a tuxedo.


This could be a pretty easy DIY and it’s definitely unique!
Here’s some instructions for the snail shell.
For clothes you could wear tan/brown/white bottoms and top.

To tie in your ostomy, you could get a large clear plastic trash bag, rip it in such a way that it remains one piece but becomes longer, then attach it to your pouch so it trails behind you (slime!!).
This costume was inspired by this image.

Halloween Costumes that Hide your Ostomy

Ostomy-related halloween costumes that hide your ostomy might include:

Poop Emoji

The poop emoji is so popular right now so you could probably find a costume at any of your local costume stores.

Whoopie Cushion

To keep with the bathroom humor theme, whoopie cushions are fun, and could easily be worn to disguise your ostomy. This idea was inspired by Rachel, the stoma bag lady’s 2011 Halloween costume.

ostomy halloween costume -- Toilet

You could always buy a toilet costume



You’re probably pretty familiar with the hospital patient wardrobe, you might even have the socks on hand already. To be a minimal patient, all you’d need is a gown. If you want to go all out, you could always fashion yourself an IV and IV stand to push around with you.

Or you could dress up as something not medical or bathroom related like batman or a bunch of grapes.

Do you have any ostomy halloween costume ideas? I’d love to hear them!  And I’d love to see your halloween costumes (ostomy-related or not)! Tag @ostomyadventure on Instagram with a photo of your halloween costume, it would make my day.

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